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<div class="img-container"><img style="height: 400px;" src="../img/assignments/w5/p1.JPEG" alt=""><br><b>Figure 8. </b> Fortus 380mc 3D printer at Fab Lab Oulu.</div>
The printing process was quite straightforward. I imported my <b>.stl</b> file. Then, I mostly used the default settings to set up the printer.
<b>Part interior style</b> was 'solid-normal', <b>Surface style</b> was Normal', and <b>Support style</b> was set to 'SMART'.
<b>Part interior style</b> was 'solid-normal', <b>Surface style</b> was 'Enhanced', and <b>Support style</b> was set to 'SMART'.
<div class="img-container"><img style="width: 100%;" src="../img/assignments/w5/p2.png" alt=""><br><b>Figure 9. </b> 3D printer settings.</div>
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