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## Starting my design.
I first started my design on Corel. To me, V-Carve is a lot like CorelDraw, only it has both 2D and 3D modelling. This makes it easier for bigger things to be made.
I first started my design on Corel. I find Corel easier to manipulate things into the shape I want rather than V-Carve (the program we use at school. It's pretty much identical to Aspire, but I'll get to that in a minute).
## Testing my design
I put my design into the laser and tested it out. I hot glued it just to make sure it was tight enough, but I know i wont really be able to do that for my final, final verision of this chair.
## Using the CNC
There are a lot of safety rules that goes along with running a CNC. There are not just there to make your design look good. They're there to keep you safe!
- that the mill isn't running while you are setting up
- that your X, Y, and Z are correctly set up
- that your vacuum is on
- that you're careful with the tip when it's not running (its pretty brittle and can be sharp on soft hands. Watch out!)
- make sure that your hair is tied up even when the machine is not running
- make sure your clothing is not loose or hanging around the machine
## Problems I faced
I had a lot of problems this week. Some of the include:
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