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There is a lot of spiral development that goes into a final project. You can't get everything done in the first few weeks, nor the last. You gotta keep going at a constant rate. Thats what my final project needs, at least. First, I sketched it out (see week one), then I started buying my materials just to fully visualize what I might make it out of. First, I went to McMaster Carr and saw some amazing things. The whole inside is so intricate and efficient. I ended up getting a few different types of foam from McMaster and a roll of copper sheets.
## Fun McMaster Car Facts
So, my school is about 20 minutes from McMaster Carr (which there are only 4 distributing locations across the country), so I got kind of lucky with that! It was based in Elmhurst, Illinois and is so efficient that it cant deliver anything to anywhere in less than a week. In Northeast Ohio, we get stuff delivered sometimes as quick as two hours. In fact, it's so efficient that you can't take pictures in there. McMaster Carr is very protective of it's system and tries to eliminate any form of spying by not allowing tours or pictures. I wish I could post pictures so that people from around the world could see how huge it is, but I sadly can't. Let's just say it's about the size of a couple warehouses.
## Copper Plates
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