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# 5. Electronics Production
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## That right there was my Brian Board
So you're probably thinking, how'd you get that thing milled out? Well, I'll explain even more than milling it out. I'll guide you through milling, soldering, and programming this wonderful board up.
## Milling
First things first, you're gonna want a Modela mill. Modela mills are pretty cost efficient, small, and pretty easy to use. Only thing is is that they make pretty chunky circuits (none of that fine stuff for you) and use mods. Now, a lot of people don't like mods, especially the poeple at Lorain. Luckily, Professor Gershenfeld made my dad make hsi oard last year using mods. So when we got to Lorain and found out they hadn't used the machine for a year and a half, my dad knew how to step in. This is a process I wasn't a huge part of, but its a really weird thing that not a lot of people have to deal with. I learned its very useful to learn mods so that I can do the same thing my dad did and help solve a problem.
Now you're gonna want to switch out some of your drill bits. For engraving the thing and making all your connections and what not, you're gonna want to use a 1/64th in. bit. Noticed how small that is? Well lets just say that size is proportional to ability to break. Smaller the size, bigger the risk in breaking it. Another thing I noticed is that the smaller the tool is, the harder it is to find it. Modela's require some very small hex keys, so I would just invest in having a little pouch on the side of yours where you always keep it instead of having to sort through a bunch of hex keys looking for on that might fit.
Once you got the machine all set up, tape your board down on the base of the mill. For the Modela, it's easier to use double sided tape. For machines like the LPKF, masking tape is fine. The reason why you want to use double sided tape is because you don't want you piece popping out mid cut. I alway's knew there was a lot of guesstimating in fabrication, but you gotta get good at it if you want to succeed. So, guesstimate approxiametly where your board is going to be and stick a piece of doubel sided tape on the back. Then, stick some strips of double sided tape on the back edges. Place the baord down and bam. Good to go.
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