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Canon 70D.</p>
<span class="image main"><img src="../images/week15/3dprint.jpg" alt="3dprint" /></span>
<p>Here are the files for mount.
<br>STL file (3d print ready) <a href="../cad files/week15/slider v1.stl">slider v1.stl</a>
<br>Fusion file <a href="../cad files/week15/slider v2.f3d">slider v2.f3d</a>
<br>STL file (3d print ready) <a href="../cad files/week15/slider_v1.stl">slider v1.stl</a>
<br>Fusion file <a href="../cad files/week15/slider_v2.f3d">slider v2.f3d</a>
<p>Then Michael Aramyan designed the legs for our dolly with Vcarve Pro. And milled them from a
piece of 10mm plywood using Shopbot machine.</p>