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<h1>Project Development --- Նախագծի մշակում</h1>
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<h2>Introduction --- Ներածություն</h2>
<p>For this week we had to:
<br>Complete our final project, tracking our progress:
what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
what has worked? what hasn't?
what questions need to be resolved?
what will happen when?
what have you learned?
<h3>What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?</h3>
<p>I wanted to make something useful something meaningful not just a toy.
<br><b>What tasks have been completed</b>
<br>My final presentation was on June 19.
<br>1. I modelled a solar tracker (it took 1 week and 4 iterations from scratch).
<br>2. I machined the model with our ShopBot 48x96 alpha machine. And 3d printed two worm gears
(1 full day) 16.07.2019
<br>3. I assembled the tracker and had some sleep 17.07.2019
<br>4. I modelled my PCB board with KiCad and machined two boards using SRM20 (the nighttime of
17.07.2019 and daytime of 18.07.2019)
<br>5. After having some sleep I made the wiring and connections and programmed the board
(18.07.2019 till 16:00 19.07.2019)
<br>Two hours before the final presentation everyting was ready!
<br><b>What tasks remain?</b>
<br>1.The tracker is very sensitive I need to change the program to make it less sensitive to
small light changes.
It works perfectly for the sun since the light from the sun is very stable but when you operate
it with a flashlight or a lamp it is vibrating.
<br>2.Since my tracker is made out of plywood, I need to sand it and apply special coating to
make it weatherproof.
This should be done before October 6 because my tracker will be presented during <a
href="">WCIT Yerevan</a> conference.
<h3>What has worked? What hasn't?</h3>
<p>Although I couldn't decide what to make during my Fabacademy course and I spent just a week and a
half on my final project. But instead I tried my best to learn each week as deep as I could. And it helped me the most.
Before each step I already knew and had experiance in that field. For example I strugled with my lantern design and FreeCad
for a week but I learned how to make tolerance tests and measuring kerf before making the real models.
<h3>What questions need to be resolved?</h3>
<p>My board has two ATtiny44 CPUs that communiate with 3 pins.
I would like to make my board with just one ATtiny44 and I know it's possible.
<h3>What have you learned?</h3>
<p>I have learned how active and passive solar trackers work, also I learned how to model parametric assemblies,
how to work with CPU's registers, how to measure analog voltage. And how to drive DC motors.</p>
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