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......@@ -603,8 +603,16 @@ Below you can see a summary video and the robot working in its 2 modes of operat
To watch te video press right click and then show controls, you shoul play the video</p></center>
<center><video src="presentation.mp4" width="1080"> </video></center><br>
<h1 class="my-4" align> <small>
As i mentioned in week 19, i want to obtain a patent of utility model, you can see more about this and why i want to apply it on this project in the <a href="week19.html"> following link</a> </small>
<h1 class="my-4" align> <small>
Finally, I want to thank everyone who supported me and made Fab academy possible, especially my instructors and laboratory staff who patiently instructed me</small>
<h1 class="my-4" align> <small> Downloads</small>
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