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Now, it is time to see the final render
<a title="Final Render"><img class="image center" src="images/week3/finalrender.jpg"></a>
<h2> Problems </h2>
<h2> Additional comments </h2>
<h3> 2D Model </h3>
As I mentioned earlier in 2D drawing, I used the GIMP software to make a 2D sketch.<br>
It is a software of the Raster type, that means that it works by pixels. One of the biggest difficulties of working with this software is to design with a mouse what makes the work too difficult.
We can see in the picture the software and the visualization of the pixels. I will mention again that for my design I prefer drawing using vector.
<a title="GIMP"><img class="image center" src="images/week3/gimp.jpg"></a>
<h3>3D Model </h3>
As I mentioned before, I have experience with the Inventor software, but I decided to try the antimony, but I use the Windows operating system, so I could not execute it.
The following software that I used was the onshape and I was able to make a small drawing.
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