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<h3>Week 8</h3>
<p>Computer controlled machining.</p>
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<a href="construction.html"><img src="images/thumbs/construction.png" alt="" /></a>
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<a href="week9.html"><img src="images/thumbs/programming.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<h3>Week 9</h3>
<p>Embedded programming.</p>
<title>Edwin Alvarez Valdivia</title>
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<h1><strong>Hello!, I am<br> Edwin Alvarez</strong><br>
<a href="aboutme.html">About me</a>.<br>
<a href="finalproject.html">Final Project</a>.<br>
<a href="contact.html">Contact</a>.<br>
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<h1>Embedded Programming.</h1>
For the assignment of the 9th week: Embedded Programming, it will be divided into 5 parts: Datasheets, ISP connection, Languages and software, Group assignment and Download.
The goal of this week is programming my hello world board.
In order to start programming, it is necessary to first know very well the microcontrollers that we are going to use and those that we have used in the past weeks, so we must read the Attiny microcontroller datasheet.
The most used microcontrollers in the fabacademy are the attiny44 and the attiniy 45, another very used is the atmega328.<br>
After having read the microcontroller datasheet, which you can see<a href="http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/doc8006.pdf"> here</a>,
I observe that I only have 12 pins to be able to program in addition to a consumption of 300uA working at 1Mhz on your internal clock.<br>
Reading the datasheet of the microcontroller <a href="http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/Atmel-2586-AVR-8-bit-Microcontroller-ATtiny25-ATtiny45-ATtiny85_Datasheet.pdf">here </a>,
it is observed unlike the previous model that we only have 6 programmable pins, but the consumption is similar that attiny44.<br>
<br>Below we can see an image with the pins of both microcontrollers.
<a title="Attiny pins"><img class="image center" src="images/week9/attinyarduino.jpg"></a>
<h6>Source: https://www.instructables.com/id/Program-an-ATtiny44458485-with-Arduino/</h6><br>
The atmega328 is a much more powerful microcontroller than the previous one, not only for its memory: 32Kb flash, also for the number of programmable pins: 23.
But its consumption is 0.2mA. You can see its datasheet<a href="http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/ATmega48A-PA-88A-PA-168A-PA-328-P-DS-DS40002061A.pdf"> here.</a>
Very apart from the HelloWorld plate, I tried to make a board on the base of the 328 atmega, for this I use a basic scheme as shown in the picture, but I change some components like the capacitors and oscilator:
<a title="Atmega328 base"><img class="image center" src="images/week9/atmega328.jpg"></a>
<h6>Source: http://www.electronoobs.com/arduino_tut6.php</h6>
The final schematic design is the following:
<a title="Atmega328 Edwin board"><img class="image center" src="images/week9/atmegaedwin.jpg"></a>
At the time of making the board, the milling cuts some of the tracks and loses continuity, so I continue with the programming of the helloworld and I will leave the atmega for later.
<a title="Board fail"><img class="image center" src="images/week9/atmegafail.jpg"></a>
<h2>ISP connection</h2>
In order to program the board, I need my computer to recognize my ISP using Windows, in order to recognize the board I follow <a href="http://fab.cba.mit.edu/classes/863.16/doc/projects/ftsmin/windows_avr.html">this tutorial.</a>
After having followed the tutorial step by step, my computer does not recognize the ISP.
<a title="ISP"><img class="image center" src="images/week9/ispalone.jpg"></a>
But nevertheless if I make the AVR MKII programmer that I used weeks ago, my laptop recognizes my ISP, after making this connection, I disconnect the AVR and it keeps the recognition of my ISP as shown in the picture.
<a title="ISP and AVR"><img class="image center" src="images/week9/ispavr.jpg"></a>
Once the ISP is recognized, programming could begin.<br>
<br><h2>Languages and software</h2>
The microcontrollers use different programming languages such as the assambler, the C++ and even some softwares use a modification of some programming languages, such as the one used by Arduino.
<!-- <p>
<h2>Download files</h2>
You can donwload this files Here (Inventor 2017): <br>
<a href="images/week8/base.ipt" download>Base</a><br>
<a href="images/week8/front_base.ipt" download>Front base </a><br>
<a href="images/week8/late_base.ipt" download>Lateral base</a><br>
<a href="images/week8/back_central.ipt" download>Back central part</a><br>
<a href="images/week8/base_central.ipt" download>Base central part</a><br>
<a href="images/week8/lat_central.ipt" download>Lateral central part</a><br>
<a href="images/week8/base_final.ipt" download>Final base part</a><br>
<a href="images/week8/coupling_back.ipt" download>Coupling back part</a><br>
<a href="images/week8/coupling_lat.ipt" download>Coupling lateral part</a><br>
<a href="images/week8/lat_final.ipt" download>Lateral final part</a><br>
<a href="images/week8/back_final.ipt" download>Back final part</a><br>
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