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That machine is a basic machine, because you don’t have any control of the steam, temperature and level.
Some clothe’s designer’s need this machine and, some of them, are very basic or very expensive.<br>
What I want is to have more control over the variables with a low-cost machine.<br>
<br><h1>How I want to made?</h1>
<br><h1>How I want to make?</h1>
For the project, I will use a commercial machine as a base, taking advantage of the fact that I was able to obtain an already used one to take advantage of the components and understand its operation.
<a title="Comercial Machine"><img class="image center" src="images/steamrt.jpg"/></a>
I will use some inputs like a level and temperature sensors to control all the variables of the machine. Also, the machine will have an LCD screen where show some variables. <br>
......@@ -46,8 +46,14 @@ cat ~/.ssh/</pre></code>
<a title="Clone"><img class="image center" src="images/clone.jpg"/></a>
<h3>Web development</h3>
<p>For this part I need a software to create my html web and download tow software’s: <i>Atom</i> and <i>Sublime</i>.
<br/>Finally I only use <a href=""> <i><b>Atom</i></b></a>.</p>
<p>For this assignment I created a web page and use some software’s to make it.<br>
The first software I tried to install was the <a href=""><i>Eclipse</i></a>, but the installer was confusing and asked to install additional software.
I researched more and realized that the software has a lot of potential to just use it as a text editor.<br>
The next software that I installed was the <a href=""><i>Sublime</i></a>.
A disadvantage that I found was the preview of the html, since I did not find that option to be able to work in a comfortable way, besides that the software uses a small visualizer of the code and that is uncomfortable for me.<br>
The next software used is the Atom, in this software I can install the HTML preview, it has a very intuitive menu and it has a direct connection with the GIT.
I still can not link this option and it will be a topic for future research. Finally I only use <a href=""> <i><b>Atom.</i></b></a>
<a title="Atom"><img class="image center" src="images/atom.jpg"/></a>
<p>I read some tutorials from the webpage of fabacademy about html5 and CSS. I use a template of my web from this site: <a href=""></a> and choose the <i>Strata</i> template </p>
<a title="Strata"><img class="image center" src="images/strata.jpg"/></a>
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