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Once the schematic is finished, we have to carry out the board, where we will define the routes of the conductor tracks and the location of the components, for this we click on file-switch to board.
Based on<a href=""> this tutorial</a>, we made our design that has this final design.
<a title="Edwin Hello world Board"><img class="image center" src="images/week7/edwinbrd.jpg"></a>
Now I only must verify the design using the DRC (Design Rules Check)
<a title="Design Check Rules "><img class="image center" src="images/week7/checkrules.jpg"></a>
The errors that are appreciated only affects the size of the letter, it is not directly to a serious error of the design, that's why I approve it manually.
<a title="Font error"><img class="image center" src="images/week7/fonterror.jpg"></a>
Before exporting our design to an image format, we must cancel the unnecessary layers, we just have to keep the layers we see in the picture:
<a title="Layers"><img class="image center" src="images/week7/layers.jpg"></a>
By activating only the necessary layers, we have the following result.
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