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As I mentioned before, I have experience with the Inventor software, but I decided to try the antimony, but I use the Windows operating system, so I could not execute it.
The following software that I used was the onshape and I was able to make a small drawing.
<a title="Onshape"><img class="image center" src="images/week3/onshape.jpg"></a>
The software is very intuitive, but I could not give texture and color to the drawing, besides not being able to get the rendering.
Using the Onshape software you can see slight differences between the Inventor software and this one. A significant difference is the modification of the color and the material of the created design, besides not being able to get the rendering.<br>
The creation process of the 2D and 3D drafts are really similar to the Inventor for example we can also create restrictions such as dimensions, tangencies, etc. for the 2D design.<br>
You can even import inventor files to the Onshape and this converts it to continue with the design in case the Inventor is not installed.
<a title="Import"><img class="image center" src="images/week3/onshapeimport.jpg"></a>
Another software that I used is the Solidworks, since in my work I use it to make tests of efforts, since my project is an industrial application, I realized that the potential of the software is wasted.
<a title="Solidworks"><img class="image center" src="images/week3/solidwoks.jpg"></a>
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