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<a title="Process of moulding"><img class="image center" src="images/week10/process.jpg"></a>
The process is similar for all materials, in case the catalyst is not used, the mixture is half of compound A and half of compound B.
Here is the result of the moulding.
<a title="Moulding"><img class="image center" src="images/week10/moulding.jpg"></a>
<a title="Moulding"><img class="image center" src="images/week10/moulding.jpg"></a><br>
For the casting process, I use a crystal resin polyester with UV protection with a catalyst.
<a title="Casting Material"><img class="image center" src="images/week10/cristal.jpg"></a>
From the safety data sheet, I read Avoid inhaling vapours. Wear protective equipment. Gloves ‐ Goggles ‐ Boots. Wear self‐ contained breathing apparatus. It is Flammable and the mixture of product vapour and air could be explosive. You can read more<a href=""> here.</a><br>
Using the necessary protections to avoid intoxications, we proceed to make the mixture of the resin with the catalyst with the proportion of 5 drops every 100g.
<a title="Casting process"><img class="image center" src="images/week10/casting.jpg"></a>
In the negative of the mold I put some electronic components so that it has a better appearance, the result being the following.
<a title="Bender electronic"><img class="image center" src="images/week10/bendertronic.jpg"></a>
I also made mixtures with other resins and using metal and wood shavings.
With other molds I perform the casting with chocolate, as shown in the picture.
<a title="Chocolate"><img class="image center" src="images/week10/chocolate.jpg"></a>
<h2>Hero shot</h2>
And Here are all my moulding and casting
<a title="Hero shot"><img class="image center" src="images/week10/hero.jpg"></a>
Sorry, I ate the chocolate, it was delicious!
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