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<center><span class="image main"><img src="week 16/06.jpg" alt="Avatar" style="width: 800px"> <a> <FONT SIZE=3> <a href="week 16/Files/DC" download> Download Code-G ATmega328 </font> </a> <br> </center>
<p ALIGN="justify"> The connection between the atmega and the sensor would be the following </p>
<center><span class="image main"><img src="week 21/f4/a01.jpeg" alt="Avatar" style="width: 800px">
<FONT SIZE=3> Fig.04 - 328 </font> </span></center>
<p ALIGN="justify">To hold the light sensor, a base made with 3D printing was created and adjusted to one of the slots of the cover </p>
<center><span class="image main"><img src="week 21/f4/a00.jpeg" alt="Avatar" style="width: 800px"> <a> <FONT SIZE=3> <a href="week 21/Files/SOPORTE SENSOR.stl" download>
Download Sensor support</font> </a> <br> </center>
......@@ -182,13 +196,27 @@
<FONT SIZE=3> Fig.06 - </font> </span></center>
<center><span class="image main"><img src="week 21/f4/a03.jpg" alt="Avatar" style="width: 200px">
<FONT SIZE=3> Fig.03 - light </font> </span></center>
<P ALIGN="justify">Here we can see how to illuminate the covers of the coverage make the turn, for it is considered a value so that it can move without being affected by diffused light</a>
<center><video width="680" height="400" src="week 21/f4/a02.mp4" autoplay muted loop></video> </center>
<center><FONT SIZE=3> Fig.07 - Video </font></center>
<P ALIGN="justify">The cables go through the pieces of mdf, this way you can see a clean structure, the diagonal grooves serve as support, rail so that the cover rests without adding any extra support.</a>
<center><video width="680" height="400" src="week 21/video00.mp4" autoplay muted loop></video> </center>
<center><FONT SIZE=3> Fig.07 - Video </font></center>
<center><FONT SIZE=3> Fig.07 - Video </font></center> <br>
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