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<center><FONT SIZE=3> Fig.07 - Video </font></center>
<p ALIGN="justify"> The price of the project covers 100 dollars</p>
<center><span class="image main"><img src="week 21/price.png" alt="Avatar" style="width: 800px">
<FONT SIZE=3> Fig.04 - Cost </font> </span></center>
<P ALIGN="justify"> However, I will use the license <a href="">Creative Commons (CC) </a>. In Peru most of these licenses are used by private institutions such as universities or public entities such as the Congress of the Republic, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Housing and Construction, etc. <br> I will share the first prototype of the project as non-commercial open source, documenting each step to make a functional pavilion that is built by any person or entity. The future steps to make a commercially viable product would be to refine some elements such as structural anchoring, design of the roof with new architectural materials. </p>
<center><span class="image main"><img src="week 19/03.jpg" alt="Avatar" style="width: 450px">
<FONT SIZE=3> Fig.03 - CC </font> </span></center>
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