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......@@ -127,9 +127,9 @@ Updated the file called Makefile for the type of programmer I used to program my
Edit the Makefile using a text editor intended for programmers. I used TextEdit on Mac OS, just make sure to save as a plain text and not RTF (and make sure no ".txt" gets added to the filename). Generally speaking, whatever you use to edit your HTML code is probably an okay choice.
Near the top of the file, find the line that says:
PROGRAMMER ?= usbtiny
and change usbtiny to avrisp2.
In the absence of USB ports on my MacBook Pro, I had to power my board indirectly through an Arduino board as follows: the Arduino board was connected to another computer through a USB port > this powered the Arduino board > I then connected the positive and negative (or, ground) terminals on my board to VCC (providing 5 V of DC power) and GND (ground) terminals on the Arduino board through red and black jumper wires, respectively > this powered my board as the red LED on the board lit up > I then connected my board through its 6 pin header to the avrisp2 programmer making sure pin 1 on the board is connected to the slot in the plastic connector on the programmer cable that is marked pin 1 (there should be a small arrow, dot, or manufacturer's name marking the corner with pin 1). This is important as there are two different orientations in which you can make this connection; it is imporatant to get pin 1 in the right place. Pin 1 is marked in the board diagram with a dot (Figure 5.13) and has the MISO signal connected to it. Note that there's no enforced standard for which direction the cable comes out of the connector, so look for the pin 1 marker. Figure 5.14 below shows all these connections I just described.
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