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<div class="contact-details">
<span>GET IN TOUCH</span>
<p> <br> <br></p>
</div> <!-- end .contact-details -->
</div> <!-- .col-md-4 -->
<div class="contact-details">
<p>Find My Student Agreement
<a href="student agreement.html"> <font color="red">here</font>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Student Agreement</title>
<h2>Fab Academy Student Agreement</h2>
<h3>The Fab Academy is responsible for:</h3>
- Teaching principles and practices of digital fabrication <br>
- Arranging lectures, recitations, meetings, and events for the class <br>
- Evaluating and providing feedback on student work <br>
- Offering clear standards for completing assignments <br>
- Certifying and archiving student progress <br>
- Supervising class preparation <br>
- Reviewing prospective students, instructors, and labs <br>
- Providing central staff and infrastructure for students, instructors, and labs <br>
- Fund-raising for costs not covered by student tuition <br>
- Managing and reporting on the program's finances, results, and impacts <br>
- Publicizing the program <br>
- Promoting a respectful environment free of harassment and discrimination <br>
<h3>I am a Fab Academy student, responsible for:</h3>
- Attending class lectures and participating in reviews <br>
- Developing and documenting projects assigned to introduce and demonstrate skills <br>
- Honestly reporting on my work <br>
- Working safely <br>
- Leaving workspaces in the same (or better) condition than I found them <br>
- Participating in the upkeep of my lab <br>
- Ensuring that my tuition to cover local and central class costs is covered <br>
- Promoting a respectful environment free of harassment and discrimination <br>
Signed by committing this file in my repository, <br>
(Ahmad Ali)
\ No newline at end of file
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<nav id="nav">
<li><a href="#Task 1" id="Task 1-link">Propose A Final Project</span></a></li>
<li><a href="#Task 2" id="Task 2-link">The Easy Cart</li>
<li><a href="#Task 2" id="Task 2-link">The Easy Cart</a></li>
<li><a href="#Task 3" id="Task 3-link">The Smart Helmet</a></li>
<li><a href="#Task 4" id="Task 4-link">Learning Outcome</a></li>
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