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* MACHINE LOGISTICS: In the case of multiple Local Instructors / Gurus in one lab, another 5 students can be enrolled for a recommended maximum of 15 students, as the problem now becomes a logistical one of students vs machines and machine time available (assuming standard inventory quantities).
* REMOTE GURUS: Likewise, it is not recommended that Guru support more than 10 remote students and every attempt should be made to group remote students in such a way that Gurus do not have students in more than 2 remote locations.
All Fab Labs that want to participate in the Fab Academy cycle must fill the form every year.
**Application Process**
* The Instructor or Lab Coordinator must fill a form, published every year on the [Fab Academy website](
* Node’s applications will be reviewed by senior Instructors (mentors) in order to assess their suitability to offer the program > Application does not mean Acceptance automatically.
* Fab Labs will receive written confirmation of participation and will be added to the list of active Nodes on the [Fab Academy website](
and the Student’s Application Form.
* After a Node is accepted, it will start receiving the students applications
**Applications for Nodes open from September to November, every year.**
**Novice Instructors** (teaching the course for the first time) will be asked to undergo an application process as well, to assess their suitability to face the course:
* To fill this application, Instructors will be asked to submit a Motivation letter. This letter should include some relevant and interesting insights about yourself, your technical skills, to prove that you are motivated.
* Mentors will review the Instructor Application to assess their suitability to offer the program. Application does not mean Acceptance automatically.
* Mentors may require extra information or documents to ensure all the requirements are met, and may also require a personal Interview (Via online conference)
* Mentors will advise on the status of the Instructor and the need or not for extra support.
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