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* Implement and interpret networking protocols
## Have you:
* Described your project using words/images/screenshots/diagrams.
* Described your project using words/images/diagrams/schematic screenshots.
* Explained the programming process/es you used.
* Outlined problems and how you fixed them
* Included original design files (or linked to previous weeks where they are located) and code
* Included design files (or linked to where they are located) and original code
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### How do I prove I've read the Data Sheet?
> Answer:
1. Point out things in your code and board design that you learnt from the Data Sheet. Also point to other weeks when you used a Data Sheet.
### How should I put my code on my website?
> Answer:
1. As a file for download, same as all your other assignments. Keep your webpage tidy and easy to read.
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2. Externally host your large files (+10MB) and link to them (discuss with instructor first).
3. Acknowledge work done by others, especially Open Licensed work.
3. Acknowledge work done by others. Pay attention to licenses for work you use.
4. Take photos, notes and screenshots as you work - compress and resize your images for web. Use these to explain and describe what you do. A ‘hero shot’ is the best photo showing your finished project.
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