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......@@ -7,8 +7,6 @@ Propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered.
* Develop a project plan
> Think of your project plan as an ‘installation and implementation guide’ for the future. How will others be able to make your project by reading your documentation?
## Have you answered these questions:
* what will it do?
......@@ -28,8 +26,14 @@ The answers to the questions above will allow you to create your BOM, or Bill Of
* what tasks need to be completed?
* what questions need to be answered?
* what other questions need to be answered?
* what is the schedule?
* how will it be evaluated?
faq: |
### Why do I have to answer these questions?
> Answer:
1. These are questions to help you *plan your final project*. Answer these and any other questions you think will help you do this.
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