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Linear Voltage Regulator

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## -Linear Voltage Regulator
**[Datasheet ZLDO1117](**
This is it:
<img src="media/electro/LinearVoltReg01.jpg" alt="Bueno Board V2 01" style="width:100%;">
Beautiful, is it not?! But what tha heck is this, you might ask.
It is quite straight forward. This is a SM (surface mount) Voltage regulator **ZLDO1117G50TA**. If you have a voltage you wish to operate your device with, let's say 5V for your microcontroler. But the have only a 9V power supply, or your solar panel provides you only with, say, 9V. This little device will "convert" the 9V you're prividing into the 5V you desire.
This is the map of the "HOW":
<img src="media/electro/LinearVoltReg05.jpg" alt="Bueno Board V2 01" style="width:100%;">
This happy top view above means:
3- Voltage In (V_in). This is the voltage you have, as the example I gave, 9V.
1- Ground. This is where you'll connect your ground, the "negative" of your circuit.
2- There you go, the Voltage out (V_out) is the voltage already regulater to 5V. There are Voltage Regulators os different V_out's. This one provides you with 5V, no matter what you input it. Given the limits below. Respect it or fry your system :,(
<img src="media/electro/LinearVoltReg02.png" alt="Bueno Board V2 01" style="width:100%;">
Basically, converting up to 10V into 5V will allow you to operate on up to 1 amp of current. Above 10V, as the above graph demonstrates, the amount of current will suffer.
More for more details, as always, I suggest you to get familiar in reading the [datasheet]( Get familiar with reading datasheets generally. You'll start picking up the therms.
##-IMU // 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope
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